fig1 IsabelaH

What's a vibe?

Every positive story is a vibe!
In times like these we can use more positive feelings from everyone around us. It's 2020, we have the tools! Now let's use them to bring back only great emotions! Show us that sweet sweet love! #spreadthelove

The book of vibes is a digital friends book. It's a collection of drawings for and by people all over the world. Like I said, it's important to stay connected with each other. Especially in these times.


What to draw?

This is a digital friends book! If you want to share a drawing with the world, what would you draw? These questions can help you find inspiration for your drawing:

- What makes you happy?
- Who do you love?
- What was your favorite experience from your bubble
during the lockdown?
- What is your most memorable moment in your life?

All these ideas are based on positivity and nostalgia. Enjoy your drawing moment en feel free to share this book with your friends, family or anyone you know! (or don't know!)

How to upload?

  • 1 • Scan your drawing or take a picture of it and upload it here
  • 2 • Write next to the drawing what it's about, or what it means. A great story is always lovely to read! It's fully up to you how much detail you want to share.
  • 3 • Add your first name (you don't have to share your last name!) and the city & country you're from. Don't share your address!
  • 4 • Feel free to share this website so we can connect with people and their art from all over the world!